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Justin Bieber Posts Funny Pics Of Him On Instagram

justin bieber

Justin Bieber posted a weird photo Wednesday on Instagram, but however it was funny too. It was altered or edited photo of himself with a ponytail and stretched out nose. The photo of Bieber is a close up side view…

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Facebook Launches Tools To Stop Posting Intimate Images Without Consent


Facebook has come up with new tools that will help in blocking the intimate images of couple shared without each others’ consent and fight against revenge porn. The step has been taken after growing concern of users shaming former partners…

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Iskra Lawrence Flaunts Slim Waist Figure In Instagram Shared Photos

Iskra Lawrence

She loves celebrating her body, says British model Iskra Lawrence. Sharing couple of photos on Instagram with fans and followers the stunner flaunts her sensation curves in a white swimsuit. She emphasized how angles can give a changed appearance. The…

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Calvin Klein’s Latest Up-Skirt Photo Campaign Blasted On Instagram

Calvin Klein’s new online campaign has gathered all the negative responses on social media. Its latest Instagram advert features an up-skirt photograph accompanied with a strapline “I flash in #mycalvins.” Instagram users have slammed the photo saying it is trashy,…

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Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users Milestone

Instagram has achieved one great milestone. It has reached user base of 400 million, which is more than Twitter. The social platform announced the figure today adding about 75 percent of the total users live outside United States. Nine months…

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Kylie Jenner Celebrates 35 Million Instagram Followers

Kylie Jenner has a good reason now to show off her figure in tight workout gear. Yes, her such images along with some racy ones have made her too popular on Instagram. She has more than 35 followers on the…

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Why Kim Kardashian Not Smiling These Days

Has Kim Kardashian these days forgotten to smile in photos? Probably yes. But what is the reason behind it. It is revealed the pregnant reality TV star says the nasty weight jibes are the reasons she is facing critics over…

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Kim Kardashian Defeats Beyonce, Becomes Most Popular On Instagram

Kim Kardashian is ahead of Beyonce in popularity on Instagram. She is now the most popular person on the picture sharing app with 44 million followers, ahead of the competitor by more than 70,000 acolytes. The 34-year-old TV reality star…

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge For Celebs on Instagram

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is now taking over Instagram and the dare has even gone more viral because of celebrities taking it. What happens is once one starts doing it, they have to tag another person or other people…

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Rita Ora Imitates Mylie Cyrus on Topless Pic

Well we don’t know what’s up with celebrities these days copying each others poses although it’s really not something new when celebrities each other to do some artistic thing. We have heard of artists copy their idols like Britney is…

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