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Italy travel tours and holiday deals

Italy Travel Tours and Holiday Deals

Italy is a country that you cannot see in just one visit. There are so many magnificent things to see in so many different cities like ancient monuments, architectural designs, cathedrals and museums, and some of the world’s most famous…

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Where to Eat in Venice

Al Bottegon, Dorsoduro 992

Venice has some of the best food in Italy, but like any place that’s popular with tourists, you should avoid the tourist traps if you want to eat well. Venice isn’t the easiest city to find your way around, and…

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The Folk Music of Italy: Cradle of the Classics

italian music

Italy has been famous for its great classical music since the Renaissance period of the sixteenth century. It is interesting to know that Italian folk music influenced classical pieces and classical pieces have influenced Italian folk music. The opera house…

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BREAKING: Same Region In Central Italy Hit By Another Earthquake

A strong earthquake has central Italy, the same region that was struck by quakes last week, in the early hours of Thursday. According to US Geological Survey, the tremor was of 5.0-magnitude and was shallow, 6.2 miles deep. The epicenter…

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BREAKING: Two Powerful Quakes Panic Italy Killing 300

About 300 people have lost their lives in Central Italy after two quakes struck Wednesday at 7 p.m. and couple of hours later, sending fearful residents into the streets in panic. The quakes were near to the site where a…

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Obama Govt Offers $1.12m To Italian Family Killed In Drone Strike

United States have agreed paying $1.12 million to the Italian family who were killed last year in a drone attack. 37-year-old Giovanni Lo Porto and 73-year-old Warren Weinstein were held hostage in an al-Qaeda compound and during a secret counter-terrorism…

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Families Bury Earthquake Victims With Tears In Italy

Death toll of the massive earthquake that shook Italy has climbed to 290 and the painful task of burying dear ones have started. Saying goodbye to the victims at a state funeral in the town of Ascoli Piceno were tough.…

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Alpine Avalanche Leaves Six Dead In Italy

Six skiers were killed Saturday morning in an Alpine avalanche in Italy at more than 3,000 meters on Mount Nevoso, also commonly known as Snowy Mountain, in South Tyrol, close to the Austrian border. According to a fire department spokeswoman,…

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