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How To Deal With Job Loss And Major Career Transitions

job loss

Job loss is considered as stressful as divorce or relocation, giving the “victim” a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. The emotional roller coaster that accompanies loss of employment ranges from shock and denial to anger and withdrawal. As many identify…

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Microsoft May Cut UK Jobs To Strengthen Cloud Computing Unit


Amid focusing more on the cloud computing business Microsoft has released a press statement revealing job cuts are on card and mostly those employed outside United States and are in the marketing sector. Lately the software giant is emphasizing more…

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Amazon To Hire 5K Workforce In UK In 2017


Amazon has lately said to be creating 5,000 more jobs in the United Kingdom by the end of this year and 10,000 more in rest of Europe. The number claimed for UK includes its three fulfilment centers which are scheduled…

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