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Boyfriend Kris Boyson helps Katie Price remove surgery stitches

Boyfriend Kris Boyson helped Katie Price in removing her rotten surgery stitches to which she said to fans of social media, “Now that is love. Look at that them stitches out. Well done, babes.” The former Loose Women panelist filmed…

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Katie Price to appear at magistrate court for threatening behavior

katie price

Katie Price will be facing two counts of threatening behavior. She is due to appear Wednesday before West Sussex Magistrates court. Michelle Pentecost alleges the mum-of-five shouted at her at the school playground as “Are you enjoying f***ing my husband.”…

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Kris Boyson, Katie Price Separates; Differences In Relationship Cited

Kris Boyson, Katie Price

Kris Boyson and Katie Price have split. They have chosen to go their own ways as both were looking different things from the relationship. Posting on his Instagram feed Kris Boyson said the decision for both of them was not…

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