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How to Be in Charge of Your Appearance Through All Stages of Your Life

Focus on Your Natural Beauty-appearance

When we are young, we are in complete control of how we look because it is simply effortless. We wear what we want, everything fits us, and we love how we look. Youth is intoxicating, but it does not last…

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Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Own Bangs

diy hairstyle

How did that last DIY bang cut turn out? Most likely, she felt remorseful within two minutes of the cut because it didn’t turn out the way she planned. She should find a picture of herself sometime after she so…

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Selena Gomez Suffering From Lupus

Singer Selena Gomez caused some concern when she cancelled the Asian and Australian leg of her tour to take some time for herself. Rumors surfaced that she was headed to rehab, but according to a new report, Gomez is actually…

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Leonardo DiCaprio Sells His $19 Million Malibu Mansion

After the property was listed for sale for over a year, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally sold his beachfront house in Malibu. The Wolf of Wall Street star is bidding adieu to his ridiculously awesome bachelor digs that he purchased in…

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