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BREAKING: Fire At London Zoo; 10 Fire Engines, 70 Firefighters Deployed

london zoo fire

BREAKING: Fire At London Zoo; 10 Fire Engines, 70 Firefighters Deployed At around 6 in the morning a call was received at London fire brigade reporting fire to the Adventure café and shop near the Meerkat enclosure in London. Photos…

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False Terror Rumor Spread Panic At Oxford Circus, London

Shops were shut down and two of the streets were cordoned off near to Oxford Circus tube station Friday evening in London after fears of terror attack erupted that was later believed to be a fight between two people on…

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BREAKING: Old Street Tube Station Evacuated After Man Acted Suspiciously

Old Street Tube Station

Saturday night a loud bang led to the evacuation of Old Street tube station in London. Armed police arrived at 9.20 p.m. and asked everyone to exit from the Northern Line station. The police came into quick action after commuters…

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London Tube Bomb Attack Suspect Captured In CCTV Footage

New CCTV footage reveals the London Tube bomb suspect on his way to plant the device. He is dressed in grey and was carrying with him a Lidl carrier bag. The bag is same that went off at the Parsons…

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Big Ben Turns Silent For Major Repair Work

big ben

Monday, the 21st of August, the iconic clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London went silent. For the next four years the Big Ben will remain silent while the major repair work takes place. The 13 ton bell…

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Britain Re-Shocked With Fresh Terror Attack In London; 6 Killed

london bridge attack

Six people have been killed in terror attack on London Bridge and nearby Borough Market on Saturday night, at around 10 p.m. London police confirmed six civilians are dead and London Ambulance Service said at least thirty injured people have…

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Crimes With Knife, Gun Increased In London, Met Funding Cuts Blamed

knife crime

Gun and knife crimes have lately increased in London and the Metropolitan police said the budget cuts over the past few years may be responsible for it. The police force adds the gun crime has increased by 42 percent while…

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What We Know About London Parliament Attacker Khalid Masood

khalid masood

The lone London Parliament attacker Khalid Masood was born on Christmas Day in 1964 as Adrian Russell Ajao and was commonly known as just Adrian Ajao when he was a young boy though he has used multiple aliasses in his…

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BREAKING: UK Parliament Attacked, Lockdown; Several Injured

BREAKING: UK Parliament Attacked, Lockdown; Several Injured The British Parliament is on lockdown after a police was stabbed to death outside the campus and the driver of a large vehicle mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday. British Prime…

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Security Breach: Theresa May’s Travel Documents Found In Train

theresa may travel security breach

Schedule details of British Prime Minister Theresa May were surprisingly discovered by a passenger on a seat of a train heading for Edinburgh. The blunder is branded as a serious security breach and Downing Street has launched an investigation into…

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