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Food tips: What is Mexican Menudo Demystified

Mexican Menudo Demystified

Mexican Menudo Demystified: Growing up in the Boyle Heights district of Los Angeles, which has one of the most heavily populated Mexican communities outside of Mexico City, had many advantages including being near some of the best Mexican cuisine in…

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Will Trump be announcing national emergency tonight

national emergency

The US partial government shutdown is now leading to 32nd active national emergency and address of President Trump to the nation Tuesday night may get an announcement. Trump has been claiming the illegal immigrants are streaming across the border even…

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BREAKING: Massive Earthquake Kills 140 In Mexico

mexico earthquake

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico Tuesday, on the anniversary of a powerful 1985 quake, killing more than 140 people and injuring tons of others. At least 49 buildings have been collapsed and rescue crews are looking for survivors in the…

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US Salmonella Outbreak: 3 Dead, 558 Sickened, Mexico Cucumbers Source Of Infection

Deaths and illenesses are in rise in the US due to Salmonella outbreak. In past one week three people have died and 140 of others have been sickened, said health agency. The three deaths have ocurred in Arizona, Texas and…

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