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The Best Animated Characters of All Time

Animated Characters

People love lists. People love lists about lists. Some people even love lists about lists about lists about . . . um, never mind. Here is a compilation list of most beloved animated characters of all time: Sheriff Woody –…

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Two Must Watch Halloween Movies Featuring Fight Between Good, Evil

the shining movie

The Exorcist This movie can still scare me even after several viewings. The movie was released in December of 1973 and went on to become to this day one of the highest earning movies. It earned a stunning 10 Academy…

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Are Movie Remakes Better Than the Original?

Are Movie Remakes Better Than the OriginalAre Movie Remakes Better Than the Original

When a movie becomes a smashing success in theatres, it has become almost inevitable that the success will try to be re-done at some point in the form of a movie remake.  Obviously, Hollywood has seen some success with the…

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Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman on Batman vs Superman

The movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is already making a buzz over the casting and now that director Zach Snyder just tweeted the official photo of Wonder Woman for the movie, we believe that the hype just got…

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Paul Rudd is Marvel’s New Ant-man

Marvel just released a poster for their upcoming film Ant-man to be expected for viewing on July 2015.  It’s going to be played by Paul Rudd along with veteran actor Michael Douglas. This movie has been through a lot of…

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The Much Awaited Trailer of 50 Shades of Grey

Hold your horses as the much awaited book turned into movie just came out with its trailer and boy it already got the whole world going crazy! The bestselling novel 50 Shades of Grey is going to be in the…

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