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Auckland’s Sickening Case: Mum Sold Teen Daughter 1000 Times As Sex Slave

new zealand mum

A Fiji mother, living as illegal immigrants in New Zealand, was convicted Tuesday by a High Court in Auckland for selling her teenage daughter 1000 times as sex slaves over a period of two years. Justice Matthew Muir pronounced a…

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Semi Final, Final History Of First Rugby World Cup 1987

rugby world cup

1987 Rugby World Cup Semi Finals The semi finals of the first ever rugby world cup were probably the most eventful matches of the entire tournament for entirely different reasons. New Zealand destroyed one of the most talented Welsh teams…

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Kiwi’s Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern To Become World’s Youngest Female Leader

Kiwi's Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern

Political establishment is some countries could be changed soon as a 37-year-old police officer Jacinda Ardern is all set to become the youngest female leader in the world in New Zealand. She is currently cutting a deal to make a…

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