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Paris Jackson Breaks Silence Saying Animal Cruelty At Dior Made Her Walk Out

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson’s exit from the Dior fashion sow was due to mistreatment of animals during presentation. Tweeting on Tuesday she gave her vesion of the event and her hasty departure on Friday. The 20-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson added that…

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Paris Robbery Seems Meant For Me: Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian's paris robbery

For weeks after October 2016 Kim Kardashian was in headlines due to the shocking Paris robbery event in France when she was held at gunpoint and jewelry of worth more than $10 million was stolen. After about six months now…

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Kendall Jenner Resembled Momager Kris In Style At Paris Fashion Week

kendall jenner at paris fashion week

Kendall Jenner was seen Saturday evening making a late arrival for the Fashion Week in French capital. She was in style equipped with dangerously high snakeskin boots. Her attire was form-fitting and it boasted a poloneck style detailing at the…

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Kim Kardashian Feared The Masked Robbers In Paris Hotel Would Rape

Kim Kardashian feared in the luxury Paris hotel room robbery she was going to be raped. The five masked gunmen who broke in tied her up in the bathroom and stole jewelry worth millions of dollars. Early Monday the reality…

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France Televises Suicide Bombing Footage Of Last Year’s Paris Cafe Attack

Five months ago Paris was rocked with multiple explosions at six different locations by Islamist militants that killed 129 innocent people and injured more than 300 others. Now French television has aired security camera footage showing moment when one of…

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Birmingham Arrests Five Terror Suspects

Birmingham police is reported to have arrested five terror suspects including one woman on Friday in a joint investigation of Belgium, France and UK authorities. The men are in the age of 26 to 59 years and the woman is…

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Air France Service Resumes In Iran, Female Crews Ordered To Wear Headscarves Amid Protests

After eight long years when the Air France service has resumed in Tehran from Paris it seems not everyone is pleased. The first flight will take off on April 17 on the new route with three-times-a-week service. However, female crew…

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Brussels Airport To Open On Sunday

Bomb-hit Brussels airport to open on Sunday and the first three symbolic flights are to take off for Faro, Turin and Athens. According to Brussels Airport chief executive Arnaud Feist new security controls have been set up and every travellers…

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Islamic State Releases Threatening Video To UK Revealing 9 Paris Attackers

Islamic State has released a video Sunday claiming to show the nine Paris attackers in their controlled region of Iraq and Syria before they killed 130 people last year on November 13 in the French capital. The militant group has…

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European Cities Under Terror Threats Amid New Year Celebrations

An intelligence report reveals terror attacks may take place in European cities on or before New Year Eve, said Vienna police in a statement released Saturday. The police add gun shooting or bombing may take place between Christmas and New…

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