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Kylie Jenner Craved For Eggo Waffles During Pregnancy

kylie jenner

What is Eggo waffles? Kylie Jenner knows better. When asked what was her top craving during her pregnancy, she responded “eggos!!!” The 20-year-old said she had never earlier liked Eggos, but during her pregnancy it was her number one craving.…

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How To Stay Stylish When Pregnant


These days maternity wear does not spell the onset of maternity muumuus and caftans, diaphanous dresses and baggy pants. There are many stylish options that allow women to dress for their ever-expanding body shape and to look just as glamorous…

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Pregnancy Brings Tons Of Questions. Here Are Some Important Answers


There are very few events in a woman’s life which merit so many questions as does having a baby. Here are some of the most common questions that pregnant women ask: What exercises are proven safe for pregnant women? Pregnant…

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Alcohol Not Good During Pregnancy; Leads To Birth Defects: Study

In a new study researchers have found any drop of alcohol among pregnant women may lead to preventable cause of birth defects. American Academy of Pediatrics says parental exposure to the drink is not safe during any trimester of pregnancy.…

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