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Brief about classic rock band Led Zeppelin

classic rock band Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is a band – and a brand – whose influence is wide and deep. The group introduced a new sound in rock’n’roll that combined the blues, heavy riffs, and Celtic mysticism. The result, as evidenced by their huge…

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Tim Booth Clarified His New Album Is Not About Donald Trump

Singer Tim Booth made it very clear that his band James’ latest album, Living in Extraordinary Times, is not an album about Donald Trump.The opening track Hank makes no attempt to pretend it’s anything other than a full-on musical assault…

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How Argentina’s Iconic Rock Band Soda Stereo Was Born

Soda Stereo rock band

Mention Buenos Aires and most will associate it with football and its gods, Evita Peron and Weber’s sketchy musical, and the stirring vision of 2 lone figures dancing tango. Very few would associate Buenos Aires as thriving with a national…

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