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BREAKING: Commuter Bus Plows Into Subway Killing 4; Terror Possibilities Ruled Out

moscow accident

Terror attack has been ruled out in the Moscow mishap Monday night when a bus ploughed into a subway at around 3:50 p.m. local time killing four people and injuring eleven others. The commuter bus ploughed into the pedestrian passage…

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Russian Teenage Model With No Medical Insurance In Contract Dies In China Show

Russian Teenage Model

Russian teenage model Vlada Dzyuba collapsed ahead of catwalk due to uter exhaustion died and it is learned she was on a three-month assignment in China by an agency, which contracted her without medical insurance. She was contracted like a…

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BREAKING: Ekho Moskvy Radio Journalist Stabbed In Throat In Moscow

Radio Journalist

Reporter of an independent radio station Ekho Moskvy was stabbed in the throat in her office on Monday and currently she is battling for life at a hospital after surgery. Deputy editor Tatyana Felgenhauer is best known for her popular…

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Donald Trump Makes First Official Phone Call To Vladimir Putin

donald trump calls vladimir putin

United States President Donald Trump is learned to have made several phone calls on Saturday to many world leaders and one among them was Vladimir Putin. According to the White House, the call is to be looked as a significant…

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YouTuber Arrested In Russia For Playing Pokemon In Church

Russian YouTuber Ruslan Sokolovsky played Pokemon Go in a church recently and now it is learned he may face five years in prison. Sokolovsky filmed himself playing the game in the Church of All Saints in Yekaterinburg earlier last month…

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FlyDubai Passenger Jet Crashes In Russia, All 62 Onboard Dead

A passenger jet carrying 62 people from Dubai crashed in southern Russia due to poor weather conditions and low visibility. According to Russian officials, all the 62 people including 7 crew members have been killed in the crash just before…

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Russia Announces Pulling Forces From Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the country would be pulling out most of its forces from Syria that backed the government to deal with rebels in the civil war that started as a peaceful street protests five years ago. The…

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Syria Crisis Unclear Lately. NATO Fails To Caution Members

The Syria crisis is now seen getting spilled into a wider war as lack of clarity of intention is extremely dangerous. The same happened during the start of First and Second World Wars. The latest cease-fire, after several broken ones,…

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Russian Warplane Violates Airspace Again: Turkey

Turkey said Saturday a Russian warplane has again violated the airspace even after radar warnings to the pilot in English as well as Russian languages. Releasing a press statement the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Friday afternoon, at 11:46 a.m.…

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Russia May Soon Get Super-Fast Hyperloop Transport System

Russia is reported to be coming up with a new kind of transport system that will be much faster than the existing ones. Anonymous investor said reaching Moscow from St. Petersburg will be just a 35 minutes journey with Hyperloop,…

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