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Aberdeenshire stone circle not built 4,000 years ago; made in 1990s

Aberdeenshire stone

Initially the Aberdeenshire stone circle was thought to be thousands of years old, but lately an investigation into the site found it very young, just about twenty years old. The Aberdeenshire stone circle at the parish of Leochel-Cushine is identified…

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Large block of casing stone from Great Pyramid of Giza to go on display in Scotland

pyramid stone display

Large block of casing stone of fine white limestone from the Great Pyramid of Giza will go on display from February 8 at the National Museum of Scotland. It came to Scotland from UK in 1872, arranged by Astronomer Royal…

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Heavy Snowfall Predicted For Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland

Heavy snowfall is predicted for southern Scotland and Northern Ireland by the British Met Office. Travelers are warned for other places including Central Scotland, Fife, Tayside, Lothian and Borders and Strathclyde. The snowfall could be between 15 cm and 25…

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Scottish Economy May Lag Behind UK Average Amid Brexit: Study

scottish economy

In a period of next five years the Scottish economy to lag behind the UK average, said Stratchdyde University’s Fraser of Allander Institute. It is claimed the fall of global price of oil will be the reason behind slow economic…

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MET Office Issues Yellow Warnings For Scotland Amid Wintry Weather

The MET Office of Scotland has issued YELLOW weather warnings for the west coast, central belt, Highlands and islands and Dumfries and Galloway. It is learned the Arctic blast could hit on Monday night and to continue into Tuesday morning…

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YES Supporters Campaign For Independent Scotland

The YES supporters are unwilling to take on any UK debt post-Brexit. They are looking for an independent Scotland. More than 750 people among 800 favored independence at the Scottish Independence Convention meeting in Glasgow on Saturday. Late last year…

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Scotland Squad Hightens Security For New Year Eve In London

London’s security plans have been tightened for the New Year’s Eve celebration in the wake of several terrorist atrocities in recent past on the Continent. According to Scotland Yard, major operation is being mounted to keep revellers safe to overcome…

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Scotland’s Financial Services At Threat With Brexit

The financial services of Scotland highly relies on British customers and hence post Brexit the industry may not enjoy the same smoothness than what it is now if Scottish independence becomes a reality, reveals a report by former Group Chief…

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