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North Korea Agrees Sending Athletes To South For Winter Olympics

winter olympics

North Korea will be invading South Korea, literally. Its athletes will take part in the February’s Winter Olympics and this is being considered by experts as a symbolic breakthrough following escalated tensions for past several months between the two nation.…

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South Korean Tightens Bitcoin Investors; Real Names Required In Trading


Bitcoin has grown several unexpected folds in 2017 and concerned to safeguard investors and others to some extent the South Korean government today said virtual currencies should be traded in real names in the country. It will be easier for…

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UN Security Council Imposes Fresh Sanctions On North Korea

north korea

A fresh round of sanctions have been imposed on North Korea following the latest nuclear test. United States proposed a high level harsh sanctions of total ban to oil imports, but Pyongyang allies China and Russia supported reduced measures. Under…

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US Intelligence Believe North Korea’s Claim Its Missile Could Reach NYC Is Low

US intelligence does not believe North Korea has the publicized ability to reach New York with its ballistic missile. However, it is believed the capabilities of the weapons will increase. In past few months North Korea has widely publicized a…

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North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile, Japan Condemns

North Korea fired Friday a ballistic missile that traveled about 800 km and hit sea off the east coast. It is one of the latest moves of the country in stepping up defiance of tough new US and UN sanctions.…

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Chinese Manufacturing Contracts Fastest In 3+ Years

China’s manufacturing sector contracted at rapid speed, and to the fastest pace in about more than three years. The outputs are missing market expectations, reveals official survey. Last month the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) was at 49.4. In December it…

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North Korea Says Hydrogen Bomb Test Is For Self-Defense

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the recent hydrogen bomb test in the country is a self-defensive step against a nuclear war threat from United States. Un added the country has a sovereign right too to do so without…

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Japan Reaches Agreement With South Korea In Support Of WWII Comfort Women

Japan and South Korea have reached to a milestone deal Monday for the support of ‘comfort women’ of the era of World War II, the wartime when Korean women and girls were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese…

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