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Anemia Study and Older Adults


A study recent study in the Netherlands of 85 year old inhabitants of a single community was done to determine if anemia alone was a predictor of death. Although a variety of conditions have a tendency to accompany anemia it…

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Crosswords Puzzle May Not Help In Reducing Developing Dementia: Study

Crosswords Puzzle

Beware, Crosswords and Sudoku are not the perfect mind game in terms of reducing the risk of developing dementia. In one of the latest studies the researchers claim online brain-training games too hardly benefit the brain health and memory. Age…

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Long-Hour Office Work Risks Heart: Study

Long-Hour Office Work

In one of the latest studies it is revealed long-hour office culture can be bad for your heart apart from affecting the social life. Led by Professor Mika Kivimaki from the department of epidemiology at University College, London, the research…

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Diet Drink Leads To Stroke, Dementia: Study

diet drink risks

In a new study researchers find diet drinks are more harmful to health than drinks sweetened with sugar and may risk stroke or dementia. A team of scientists from Boston University conducted the study and said the diet drinks should…

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Salty Snacks Causes Hunger, Not Thirst: Study

salty snacks,

You may not be satisfied eating just one chip from a packet full of potato chips. A new study finds salty snacks make us more hungry, not more thirsty. Salt stimulates our appetite. The study was conducted by an international…

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Scottish Economy May Lag Behind UK Average Amid Brexit: Study

scottish economy

In a period of next five years the Scottish economy to lag behind the UK average, said Stratchdyde University’s Fraser of Allander Institute. It is claimed the fall of global price of oil will be the reason behind slow economic…

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Painkiller Ibuprofen Increases Cardiac Arrest Risk: Study

Painkiller Ibuprofen

In a new finding it is said over the counter sales of Ibuprofen should be banned as it increases risk of cardiac arrest by 31 percent. Ibuprofen is a common painkiller and is listed in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It…

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Mediterranean Diet Helps Risk Cut In Breast Cancer: Study

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean dish is always suggested to be the best in terms of health and lately a study has found it cuts the risk of getting breast cancer too by 40 percent among women. The diet is rich in vegetables, nuts,…

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Scientists Discover Oldest Fossils From Canada, Dates Back 4.28 Billion Years

Scientists have found fossils dating back to as early as 4.28 billion years in Canadian rocks and calls it to be of some of the earliest living organisms on our planet. Those are comprised of tiny tubes and filaments that…

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100% Ebola Prevention Vaccine Discovered

In a recent finding it is claimed an experimental vaccine against Ebola virus is completely effective and it is hoped to provide better protection against the disease that has killed over 11,000 people. Details of the finding are published in…

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