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Trump cancels trip to American cemetery in France citing bad weather

donald trump in france

United States President Donald Trump cancelled his trip to the Beleau Wood battlefield and a US military cemetery in French capital Paris due to bad weather. According to a statement released by the White House the president has dispatched another…

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Who Wrote NYT’s Op-Ed Revealing Whispers To Remove Trump From Office

nyt op-ed for trump removal

Even though President Donald Trump has called the anonymous author of Op-Ed page on NYT as gutless but he seems to be a hero to many who wrote there are whispers to strip Trump of his powers and duties. In…

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Republican Front-Runner Trump Proposes Ban On Muslims Entry In US

Republican front-runner has proposed for a policy to ban Muslims from entering the United States. Reactions have started pouring in from across the country and also from countries as far as Pakistan and Indonesia. Question now arises whether Donald J.…

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