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World Heritage Sites in United Kingdom

world heritage site

What do the Giant’s Causeway, Stonehenge and the Ironbridge Gorge have in common? They were among the first seven UK landmarks to become World Heritage Sites, shortly after Britain ratified the World Heritage Convention in 1984. By 2008 another 20…

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UN Security Council Imposes Fresh Sanctions On North Korea

north korea

A fresh round of sanctions have been imposed on North Korea following the latest nuclear test. United States proposed a high level harsh sanctions of total ban to oil imports, but Pyongyang allies China and Russia supported reduced measures. Under…

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Over 120 UN Members Agree Ban On Nuclear Weapons

nuclear weapons

Most of the United Nations member countries have agreed to a treaty to ban nuclear weapons at the UN headquarters in New York City. The treaty was approved by 122 votes while Netherlands opposed and Singapore abstained. United States, United…

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United Nations’ Annual Report Reveals Afghanistan’s Civilian Casualties At Record High In 2015

In the annual report the United Nations reveals women and children are again bearing the brunt of war in Afghanistan with the Taliban. The civilian casualties have risen to record high with a total of 3,545 deaths and 7,457 injuries…

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More Than 18K People Killed In Iraq Since Jan 2014: UN Report

United Nations released a report Tuesday revealing the quantities of killings in Iraq since January 2014 due to civil war. According to the report, more than 18,000 civilians were killed, more than 36,000 were injured and more than 3 million…

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Thousands Of Protests Across The World Held On Climate Change Summit Eve

On the eve of international conference for climate change protesters in hundreds and thousands marched in about 2,000 events across the world to put pressure to act. More than 20,000 pairs of shoes were laid out in the Place de…

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Greece, UN Brings Additional Ships, Staff To Handle 25K Migrants In Lesbos

The United Nations refugee agency and Greek government have come forward with additional ships and staff to help about 25,000 stranded migrants get out of island of Lesbos and move to Athens as if believed to a statement given by…

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