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Travel Guide: Bed & Breakfast in UK, US, Canada, Australia

bed and breakfast

Bed & Breakfast in the UK In many tourist areas it’s not unusual to walk down a street where nearly every house has a B&B sign stuck in the window. Even in the countryside, people are not shy about advertising.…

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US Warns Citizens From Traveling To Pakistan

travel to pakistan

United States released a new travel assessment on Wednesday for its citizens traveling to Pakistan, warning to reconsider visiting the country. Lately relations between the two nations have been nosedived following the tweet of President Donald Trump on January 1…

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Turkey Warns EU, US Over Coup Crackdown To Mind Their Business

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warns Friday the United States and European Union to mind their own business following alarm expressed by both over the failed coup attempt crackdown in the country. In the recent update of the crackdown a…

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UK-US Strikes Deal Exchanging Nuclear Waste, Uranium

A win-win new deal has been struck by David Cameron in Washington that has never happened before. UK will ship nuclear waste to the US against uranium import to Europe to help in the fight against cancer. It is reported…

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Isis Issuing Fake Syrian Passport, Alert Across US

A fresh report from way of US government agency reveals the Islamic State may create fake Syrian passports as they have access to the government passport printing machines as well as blank passports. Confirming the report published by CNN a…

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France Calls Russia, US To Join Global Coalition To Destroy ISIS

France has called up Russia and United States to join a global coalition after the Paris attacks to destroy Islamic State. French President Francois Hollande said in a joint session of parliament at the Palace of Versailles the country is…

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US Tightens Security In New York, Boston, Other Cities After Paris Attacks

Security in most of the US cities including New York and Boston has been tightened after the Paris terror attacks that killed about 150 innocent people in six different locations. According to law enforcement officials, the bolstered security is a…

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US Airstrike Hits Charity Hospital In Afghanistan, Kills 19, Including 3 Children

American airstrikes have killed 19 innocent in Afghanistan when it hit the clinic of international charity Doctors Without Borders. Dozens other are injured too. After the first explosion the lucky ones were carried by nurses and doctors to one of…

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