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Venice trip: La Fenice-Palazzo Contrarini del Bovolo, Castello-Venice’s First Cathedral

La Fenice-Palazzo Contrarini del Bovolo

Venice is a city made up of many small islands containing must see attractions that are often missed. La Fenice, Castello, Dorsoduro and Cannaregio are just a few of the regions of the city that can be explored, each containing…

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Where to Eat in Venice

Al Bottegon, Dorsoduro 992

Venice has some of the best food in Italy, but like any place that’s popular with tourists, you should avoid the tourist traps if you want to eat well. Venice isn’t the easiest city to find your way around, and…

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Known For Odd Things, Lady Gaga Wears Stilettos On Boat

lady gaga

Lady Gaga is always unexpectedly different and lately while boarding a boat to reach Venice Film Festival she turned to oblivion about rules of the sea. She was without a life jacket and didn’t wear boat-friendly shoes too. Not abiding…

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The Folk Music of Italy: Cradle of the Classics

italian music

Italy has been famous for its great classical music since the Renaissance period of the sixteenth century. It is interesting to know that Italian folk music influenced classical pieces and classical pieces have influenced Italian folk music. The opera house…

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