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Taking Care of Your Guitar Through Winter


Every northern guitarist runs into this problem when that good old cold wave hits. Wood cracks, strings break, and it takes everything in our ability just to keep the fretboard from falling apart from the sudden lack of humidity. So…

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Shopping tips: denim, figure flattering textured jackets trends in fall 2018


Denim Fall Fashion Trends The versatility of denim is what makes it so incredibly popular. Denim jeans can be worn in a casual style or dressed up for a night out or any style in between. Look for a pair…

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Tips To Buy Winter Coat

winter coat buying tips

Whether it’s a classic coat for an investment or a high fashion buy, a coat should be versatile and durable. It should also reflect a woman’s personality and make her feel confident when she is wearing it. Most importantly, it…

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Winter Clothing Trends Infographic

Winter Clothing Trends

There are so many types of winter clothing trends, Stand-Out have supplied this infographic to educate everyone what exactly to wear during the cold winter season. This includes what sort of coat, jumper and styles. So many brands have clothes…

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Snow Pong is Possibly the Best Drinking Game Ever

With #snowpocalypse taking over parts of the country where winter actually exists (sorry California), college students across America are making the most of their snow days. Taking beer pong to the next level, undergrads are lovingly sculpting tables out of…

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