The firefight between both artists just gets fueled up! A rumor broke out that the reason for the intensifying feud turns back from the stolen dancers. The ‘Shake It Off’ singer is pretty insistent that she’s not the one to be blamed for their ongoing quarrel.

Recently, Taylor Swift, 24, dished out to the public about the unnamed mean girl in her life. The singer poured it out on an interview for the Rolling Stone, making everyone wonder who it might be, but someone, or maybe not, managed to tweet about it – Katy Perry.

The plot even gets worse, when Katy announces a new tour to the public herself, Taylor’s dancers gave her a 30 day notice just to go back to Katy’s. Caught up on a rage, Taylor fired her backup dancers on the spot. Maybe that all happened in coincidence? Or maybe not.

Well, we just hope that soon everything will cool down.