Taylor Swift Feels Tom Hiddleston Is A Good Husband Material

Taylor Swift is learned from sources saying Tom Hiddleston is a husband material and would make a great dad too.

If believed to a report published in the E! News citing insider, the lovebirds are talking about their desire to have kids.

The relationship of Blank Space singer with Thor actor was made public few weeks back and since then rumors and speculations have been frequent about them.

In one report it is revealed Swift likes the English ways of Hiddlestons. She further adds to love accent of the actor and thinks he is so sexy.

It is further mentioned from way of the singer the new boyfriend is a big tea drinker and acts very English too.

Photographs published in several media shows them holding hands or else canoodling on a beach. Both have been frequently stepping out without hiding from paparazzi and showing blossoming romance.

However, there are many who feel their romance is just a showmance and nothing else. There is no spark between them.

Meanwhile, the singer has also become the Forbes highest paid celebrity with $170 million. She is ahead of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Madonna and also Adele. Her 1989 World Tour earned over $200 million in 2015.

Her ex-boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris is placed at number 21 this time with $63 million.

Boy band One Direction is at number two with $110 million.

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