Taylor Swift And New Album On The Way- 1989

Taylor just announced that she has an upcoming album and it’s going to be called 1989. Her single will be a song entitled Shake It Off. The country popstar has been posting clues of her project on Instagram since August 4 which leaves her fans more intrigued. So after all those clues, she made an announcement of pretty much about everything and even released a single and video of it all in less than an hour. In just about 24 hours, her Shake It Off music video just went to 4 million hits already.

After we have heard the song, we have to say that it’s far from her usual country pop sound where she plays the guitar. Her new single is definitely more colorful and it has some techno pop going on in the background with a mix of horns and added intriguing strings. Max Martin and Shellback co produced this song and they are known to be power house producers in the music industry. The song is basically about her not minding all her haters and what they all think of her, her music and even her dating life.

The singer has been known for being a serial dater all her years in being in the industry especially being linked to high profile names in the industry like Jake Gyllenhal, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Harry Styles and many more. But she said recently that she chooses to shake off all those things that her haters are saying about her and it doesn’t matter what they say anymore because what would matter in the end is how she would react to those words against her. And this is the very reason that inspired her to write and perform her new hit single Shake It Off. For her music video that was also released today, it was directed by Mark Romanek who is famous for creating videos for Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple. If you have seen MJ’s music video Scream, then you know he’s the man behind the genius work of it.

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