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TB is world’s largest infectious killer for fourth year in a row: WHO

A report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) late last month in New York revealed tuberculosis (TB) is still the world’s single largest infectious killer in the world and in 2017 it killed 1.6 million people and infected 10 million even though the disease is preventable, curable and treatable. It is an airborne bacterial infection.

This is the fourth year in a row TB has been the single largest infectious killer in the world and this is basically due to overlooking of the disease considering an unsolvable problem. The negligence is real problem mostly in poor countries or people who are poor in other countries too.

In the past two weeks governments have started taking historic steps and late last month heads of state met in New York to commit finding all people with TB. At the UNHLM it was declared to find and treat 40 million people with TB by 2022.

To implement it is learned each government is asked to first understand who is being missed and why. Those who are undiagnosed mostly belong to migrants, miners, refugees, children, and people living with HIV as such groups are unable to access healthcare.

After knowing who has been missed the government should implement public health policies for them for proper treatment. Effectiveness of the TB program should be improved too.

Apart from all these the government should deploy modern tools to detect the disease among people. Sometimes microscopes fail to detect it in children.

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden once said, “Don’t tell me what you value; show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”