Latest Holywood Gossip: Megan Fox Said Fuck Off About TMNT

The new developments on the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has a lot of intrigues going on behind the scene that you will surely find interesting. Ever since the movie has been conceptualize, lots of issues to have it materialized seems to just rise. To begin the issue, lots of people think that the reboot of the story is totally not needed. And that’s not all, the issues on Michael Bay’s directing, the scripts being misleading and even the imaging of turtles not having snouts has been thoroughly scrutinized. And to top it all up, there’s still a lot more that the press wasn’t even able to document. Wow! Looks like a lot of struggle to have this pushed through!

Lots of fans have voiced out there complains about the movie and now that it is almost time for its release, it seems like Megan Fox had enough about the haters that recently she told those people to, “Fuck off!” During a press conference in Los Angeles, Megan Fox didn’t think twice about her comment to the haters when asked about her thoughts about the whole issues going on with the movie. But it’s pretty understandable why she has such reaction and strong emotions about this one. Even the co-creator had some foul words to say to the actress because he was not sure about her being part of the movie. Yikes! Well looks like it’s been quite a ride for Fox over on this movie.

This is your latest Holywood gossip in the movie scene.

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