Tensions Rise Among NATO Members After Russian Airplane Shot Down By Turkey

The war in Syria and Iraq is spreading the danger beyond its borders and not only limited to the Middle East, but beyond it. The phenomenon is also putting up question mark on the world stability.

The downing of Russian warplane yesterday by Turkish forces alleging it violated the airspace even after repeated warnings is a reminder the world peace may be disrupted as both the countries are NATO members and need to abide by the treaty of mutual defense policy.

Meanwhile, the Russian President Vladimir Putin claims the fighter jet was within the airspace of Syria and Turkey will face tough consequences for such a backstabbing act.

From the Turkish government end it is said the Russian Sukhoi Su-24M bomber aircraft was shotdown near the Syria-Turkey border violating the airspace up to depth of 1.36 miles for about 17 seconds even after ten times warning to change its heading.

Russia meanwhile has denied the allegation claiming they have satellite evidence from the MoD of the Russian Federation and the fighter jet was flying about 1,000 meters in Syrian airspace at the time of downing.

This is the first time since 1950s when a Russian aircraft has been shot down by any NATA member.

The Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jets shot down the Russian plane. The pilot as well as weapon systems officer are reported to have ejected from the warplane. However, one of them was killed by Turkmen rebels and searching for another is in process.

Meanwhile, EU has cautioned both the nations to stay calm.