The 1 Billion-YouTube-view Brazilian Chicken becomes a sensation for Spanish-Speaking countries!

SAO PAULO, June 5, 2014 /Emag.co.uk/ —¬†Bromelia Productions, the creator of the blue chicken named Galinha Pintadinha, that has become a Latin America phenomenon, have many reasons to smile lately. Not only it is currently the #1 Brazilian preschool brand but it also has 60+ licensees, 1.5M DVDs sold and 8 million app downloads in Brazil alone.

It was created after a video was uploaded on YouTube for a business pitch that was not removed. In a few months, it reached 500,000 views. And while it was not intended to be viral, Galinha Pintadinha became a member of the family in virtually every Brazilian household, now watched more than 1.5 million times every day.

Today with 1 Billion views on the Brazilian YouTube channel, a milestone achieved by few in the world, the “Gallina Pintadita” has recently added 400,000,000 views on its Spanish YouTube equivalent.

To expand on its tremendous success, the chicken is coming back to Vegas, this time hand-in-hand with 3 major Hispanic licensing agencies: Televisa (Mexico), CPLG (Spain) and Character Mix (Argentina) where Brazilian and potential Hispanic licensees will meet to develop opportunities at the Licensing Expo.

“The secret sauce for the success in Brazil was the combination of an adorable set of characters with Brazilian Nursery Rhymes. It allowed parents and kids to connect and sing along like never before while watching extremely enjoyable animations,” said David Diesendruck, owner and president of Redibra, the Brazilian Licensing agency in charge of the Global licensing program.

“Our Chicken is now connecting parents and kids in other cultures as well. Watching the growth of the Spanish songs is very rewarding and that will start materializing even more with the success of licensed products in countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Spain,” says Diesendruck.

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