The 2000s Revival trends

The 2000s Revival: 6 Trends That Are Back with a Bang

As we head into a fresh, new decade, it is unsurprising that old trends from decades past start coming to the forefront. The signs have been there for a while now, but it is ‘officially official’ as of 2020. Yes – the 2000s are back with a bang!

Below is a list of what to expect from the 2000s revival and how to incorporate these trends into your outfits going forward.

Footwear fads

Shorter girls can celebrate and put those uncomfortable stilettos away for the time being. Comfortable 2000s inspired footwear fads are currently taking Hollywood by storm with countless celebrities rocking not only high-heeled flip flops but also platform sandals.


Cardigans never really went out of fashion in the first place, but they are about to become way more prevalent. This wardrobe staple is every woman’s go-to on days when temperatures are chilly, but it is not quite time to whip out that winter coat yet. However, this year, the trend is to wear button-up cardigans as tops circa 2002. No need for a camisole underneath!


These lovely hair accessories were sky-rocketed to popularity when various TV stars, like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, made it their ‘thing’ back in the mid-2000s. Now they are back, but with a bit of a twist. In 2020, it is all about the elevated, oversized headband. Great news for ladies who struggle to add some volume to their hair. Now your headband will do it for you!


Wearing long tunics and pairing them with blue jeans was a hot outfit choice in the 2000s. Tunics are not difficult to find; you can find them online and in a variety of cuts, sizes and colours. Head to Froxx for plus size clothing for women, or if you wish to see the clothing in person, most high street stores will have a selection for you to browse. Pair your tunics well, and you could resemble this particular look that was popular with The OC star, Mischa Barton.


jewellery fads from the 2000s

There are two massive jewellery fads from the 2000s that are set to make a comeback and which are already waiting for you at your favourite store. The first one has been creeping its way back in for a while. Choker necklaces! The second one is another popular must-have for kids and adults alike: seashell necklaces.

Velour tracksuits

In many ways, it looks as though fashion throughout the year of 2020 is geared towards maximizing comfort. It is, therefore, no shocker to discover that the plush and cosy velour tracksuit is already back in stores. These tracksuits were a significant status symbol in the 2000s and everyone who was anyone owned one. Nowadays, the velour tracksuit is acting as a nostalgic nod to a trend that everybody is sure to remember now and well into the future (for better or for worse!).

Now that you know how to celebrate the 2000s comeback, it’s time to shop! Enjoy the revival.