Brits Fleeing Brexit

The Best European Cities for Brits Fleeing Brexit

If the current melodrama of British politics is wearing you down, you might be looking across the channel and dreaming of starting a new life on the continent. Thousands of Brits have already made the decision to pack up and leave before the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU in March, settling a number of countries that have been more than happy to welcome them.

As things stand, Brits who make the move before Brexit actually happens will be able to stay in the country they choose. If you’re thinking of making the move, Europe is chock-full of exciting cities where work prospects are good, living costs are lower, and the quality of life is high. Read on to find out the best European cities for Brits fleeing Brexit. 


Best European Cities for Brits Fleeing Brexit - Berlin

The German capital has seen the greatest surge in arrivals of Brexpats since 2016, with several thousand registering as new residents within the city. Berlin is a cultural powerhouse, with one of the best food scenes, cultural offerings, and, of course, nightlife circuits in the entire world. The cost of living is also famously low (although rents are rising fast) with arrivals from London being able to live in a spacious, central apartment for a fraction of the cost of London. 



Best European Cities for Brits Fleeing Brexit - Stockholm

What the Swedish capital lacks in affordability it makes up for in just about everything else. It famously has one of the highest quality of life rankings in the world and prides itself on being a welcoming metropolis for people from all corners of the globe. What’s more, international employers flock to the city, making it an ideal place for skilled English-speakers to land a job. One of these major employers is MRG Group, an iGaming company responsible for the globally popular online casino platform Mr Green. There might just be an opportunity for you in Stockholm. 


Best European Cities for Brits Fleeing Brexit - lisbon

Lisbon wins on many fronts. The capital city of Portugal is one of the sunniest in all of Europe, with close to 3000 hours of sunshine a year (triple that of London) and also has the lowest living costs among European capitals. They’re also keen to attract foreigners with Portugal being one of the few countries in the world that place 0% tax on foreign pensions, making Lisbon a great city to retire in. Portugal is also the UK’s oldest ally, meaning that links between the two countries are strong and the British community is considerably large. 



Best European Cities for Brits Fleeing Brexit

You can do a lot worse than the sunny shores of Malta. Valetta is an easy-going city with a huge British population and as such, landing a job here doesn’t take much work. Tax rates are also incredibly low, while the cost of going for a meal, grabbing a pint, and hitting up a museum is among the lowest in the EU. Maltese food is also brilliant and healthy, which might explain why residents of Valetta have some of the highest life expediencies in the entire world. 

Whatever happens in 2019, you should take the opportunity to take the plunge and try something different. Europe is a kaleidoscope of exciting cultural experiences that is best experienced as a local.