The charm of charm bracelets

The charm of charm bracelets

Many charm bracelets are passed down from mother to daughter as coming of age family pieces of jewelry. If you are lucky enough to have a family heirloom charm bracelet appreciate your good fortune. While it might be a little worse for wear the bracelet will never fail to bring to mind good memories whenever you wear it.

Like most jewelry, the wearing of charms and charm bracelets probably dates back to prehistoric times. However, in the more recent past the popularity of charm bracelets was reinvented when Queen Victoria of England worn charms on bracelets and pins in the 1800’s. Then, as service men traveled the globe during World War II they brought back trinkets for their wives and mothers that were then placed on bracelets for wear.

What accounts for the popularity of charm bracelets? Is it the fact that they make a bell like jingling noise as you move your wrist? Maybe it is because they are so eye appealing. Most likely it is a combination of those two statements plus the fact that a charm bracelet is a jewelry accessory that is unique and personal.

Charms come in many forms and shapes. For example, the charms can be sterling silver or gold shapes that represent your zodical sign, religious affiliation, choice of pet or athletic activity.

Gemstones can be placed on bails spelling a message using the gemstone. For example spelling out ‘I love you’ by placing the following gemstones on a bracelet in order: iolite, lapis lazuli, olivine, amethyst (the gemstone of St. Valentine), emerald, yellow zircon, obsidian, aquamarine (the magical substitution for emerald which is the gemstone of Umina, a Peruvian goddess). Sometimes you need to be a little creative with the gemstone selection in order to spell out your message.

A perfect bridal charm bracelet would consist of pearls and blue chalcedony gemstone charms. Pearls are a symbol of purity making them a bridal favorite and blue chalcedony is the gemstone of Nelle, an angel of incredible beauty. As a bonus you are also covering the ‘something blue’ criteria.

The most evocative of charm bracelets are those in which the charms are collected over time. Each charm represents a period of your life, a vacation trip or a special event. These types of charm bracelets, composed over a lifetime, create a wearable personal history.