The real magic of a Disney movie

The real magic of a Disney movie

From 1928 Disney has been bringing the world magic to cinema and television screens across the globe. Walt Disney introduced the public to the first princess in 1937, when the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was brought to life.

Walt Disney made himself famous for creating the Mickey Mouse cartoon movies. Snow White, however, was something new and exciting, going on to start a revolution of films created by the hands of the Walt Disney Animation Studio.

The first Disney film was to be the beginning of brilliant things for the Disney franchise, resulting in the opening of Disneyland California in 1955. From that moment on Disney became not only about the films but also about the magic of the parks, the music, and the merchandise.

The Classics

70 years on and Disney is still the staple in any family’s movie collection, in particular the films that have become known as the ‘classics’. These include The Lion King, Cinderella and The Lady and the Tramp. The ‘classics’ have romance, music and a deep meaningful story, which will teach any child life morals.

Disney has been clever in the way they sell and advertise their ‘classics’. When movies could only be watched on the cinema screens, this company would release their movies every 10 years. This allowed the public to watch them again, and meant they could be enjoyed by generations in the future.

Many years have passed since this and Disney still uses this technique. The true ‘classics’ can only be found on DVD every 10 years for a certain time. This is extremely clever and when they are finally released the world will swarm to the shops to buy their copies. This brings in more revenue and profit and adds to Disney’s movie magic.

Pixar Animation Studios

Although Disney’s classic animation films are still phemonoly popular, with new technology coming forward it was obvious they would have to bring something new to their movies. Not surprisingly they did not disappoint and Pixar joined the animation team. They began to create a long line of very popular films, starting with Toy Story in 1995, different to the traditional 2D characters of previous years.