The Goddes Universe international online beauty contest of Topcity media company annually holds auditions and selections, read below article to know more.

The winner of “Goddes Universe 2019” by Topcity – the founder of the online community, Ulyana Kuzakova!

Goddes Universe 2019

 The Goddes Universe international online beauty contest of Topcity media company annually holds auditions and selections among not only the most beautiful girls in the world, but also successful and talented ones. Over 4 years of the project year, the winners were participants from Ukraine, the UAE, Russia, the Czech Republic. Every year, tens of thousands of applications of girls from around the world take part in the competition.

The criteria by which girls are selected include their beauty, talents, social life, charity activity and professional achievements. The commission of the project selects top 10, and then – the winner of the competition, by organizing the voting in social networks and groups.

Ulyana didn’t expect to win in the competition. Having received the notification of the First Crown “Goddes Universe 2019”, the model was very moved and answered the voice message with incredible excitement and joy.
The jury of the project, as well as the participants of the voting distinguished her as the brightest one from the first look at her application. The unconditional favorite of the competition received the invitation to the publication of an interview in a few foreign fashion magazines and even was offered to become the cover of one of them! Would you like to know more about our new little star?

The face and winner of 2019 became Ulyana Kuzakova from Irkutsk. An incredibly determined girl of model appearance, shortly a master of business management in digital marketing, as well as the founder of the online community “Beauties in business”. This project, according to Ulyana, was designed for girls who need to get motivation and inspiration in starting a business and self-development. Ulyana is also an influencer of several American organizations! She also works in an international company in the marketing department, and in her free time she is involved in charity work for children from the provinces of Southeast Asia. Isn’t it incredible?

Goddes Universe 2019

In one of her posts on social networks, Ulyana Kuzakova wrote: “I believe that determination and the ability to conquer the heights of life is one of the most wonderful and beautiful features of the modern lady. I think that the beauty of a girl is a tremendous work, which involves considerable effort. As Sophie Loren has put it: “It’s hard to become irresistible if you’re lazy.” Ulyana receives congratulations from many international companies and Top Media for receiving the title of the Most Beautiful and Successful Girl “Goddes Universe 2019” Goddes Universe .

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