Theresa May

Theresa May denies favoring November election

British Prime Minister Theresa May said a November election would not be of national interest as she is working upon delivering a good deal with Europe in the terms of national interest too.

She was on her way to New York to attend United Nations General Assembly and just hours before making the statement to reporters she had hit back at Tory rebels for attempting to push a Canada-style Brexit deal saying it would not be considered as a deal, but something worse.

May added placing a border in the Irish Sea means a bad outcome as a bad deal would break the United Kingdom.

The Senior Tory Leavers have called for Canada style FTA with EU and the Downing Street said it would basically mean ‘Northern Ireland effectively remaining in parts of the single market and customs union’.

Reassuring her proposed deal is good the PM mentioned it will retain the union of UK without having a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and it would definitely protect jobs as well as to have a good trading relationship with Europe.

May added she believes to have a good deal and it would be taken back to the Parliament to have a clear choice of the MPs whether to support or not.

Labour members on the other hand are pushing for a new general election. They are also calling up for the option of a second referendum on Brexit.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had earlier said an election was his preferred outcome.