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Theresa May To Trigger Article 50 For Brexit On March 9 At EU Summit

British Prime Minister Theresa May is lately learned to be initiating Article 50 for the withdrawal of Britain from European Union (EU) in about a month at the EU summit.

The probability is on March 9 when the process will be kicked off and United Kingdom will be free of Brussels control in about two years time period, by April 2019.

Last night the Parliament voted in favor of European Union Notification of Withdrawal Bill mostly and now it needs to go through the House of Lords to pave the way for triggering Article 50 at the summit to be held between March 9 and 10.

The bill was voted by 494 MPs to thwart the will of people who will be trying to block it in the House of Lords. The 372 margin is huge for the anti-Brexit group.

The UK Budget falls a day ahead of the expected triggering.

During her Christmas Eve speech May urged Britons to unite during Brexit process. Her upbeat Christmas message looked like an attempt to address the split Britons into supporting Brexit or opposing the same arguing leaving European Union could turn up disaster for the country.

She said, “As we gather with our friends and families at this time of year we proudly celebrate the birth of Christ and the message of forgiveness, love and hope that He brings.”

Meanwhile, post-US presidential election experts believe a free-trade agreement with Britain after Brexit process would be good for the two nations. It is also not to forget US President-elect Donald Trump is in favour of high-economy countries like UK.