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Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Own Bangs

How did that last DIY bang cut turn out? Most likely, she felt remorseful within two minutes of the cut because it didn’t turn out the way she planned. She should find a picture of herself sometime after she so hastily cut her own bangs to refresh her memory of her botched haircut.

How long did it take for the bangs to grow out after her last DIY haircut? Feeling the excitement of having that cute new bang look, most women toss caution to the wind when the urge to cut bangs strikes. They think, “if I don’t like it, it will grow back”. Their memory has faded about how painful that growing-out stage was, and how extremely long four weeks can feel when trying to grow out a bad haircut!

What events are coming up on her calendar? Does she really want to show up at her husband’s office Christmas party looking like a fifth grader or Cleopatra? Does she want to go on her Bahamas cruise with hair that drives her crazy every time she catches her reflection in a mirror or window?

Why is she contemplating cutting her bangs herself? Is she trying to save time or money? Or, is she impatient because she can’t get an appointment quick enough? If the bang cut goes bad, she will be spending weeks or months trying to repair the damage, and spending extra time at her vanity in an effort to make her hair presentable each day. Most stylists will trim bangs for their clients for free or a reduced fee and will try to work them in for a quick trim.

Does she have the right tools and know the correct technique to cut her own bangs? Kitchen scissors are not made for cutting hair. Does she know whether to comb her hair straight down as she cuts, or should it be pulled to the side or up off her head? Should she angle the scissors horizontally or snip vertically? If she is considering going from no bangs to bangs, how big should the section of hair for bangs be? Where should she start and stop? Does she have confidence that the person in the YouTube video she watched is qualified to tell her how to tackle her DIY haircut?