Three songs to spice up workout routine

Three songs to spice up workout routine

These three songs will energize you instantly, and will have you shaking, grooving, and busting crazy moves. Maximize your workout and brighten up your mood.

Every workout needs some inspirational music. You have your favorites for walking, and your preferred tunes for running. Your playlist includes at least a few power songs, and a couple to ease your breathing after a hard push. How about fun songs for pure good mood? Following are my top three uplifting favorites for shaking loose, de-stressing and revitalizing. Volume up, here they come.

Number 1: “Loca” by Shakira

When Shakira sings I either dance like a maniac, or want to cry. Loca is such a positive and energizing song! It’s easy to hum along with chorus is liberating to scream mostly because it is in Spanish. Loca, loca, loca… Dance, jump, and spin. Kick up some water, and make a splash just like Shakira herself in the video.

The song is under 3 minutes, but manages to get you into the beat of it from the get-go, and keeps on going till the very last note.

Number 2: “Chica Boom” by Dan Balan

Chica Boom was a mad hit in Europe this summer. The modern dance beat is sensual and powerful. It is perfect for sprinting, boxing or jumping. Three and a half minutes packed with rhythm and heat to get you through the most intense parts of your workout.

Funnily enough, the lyrics refer to calling a doctor, which is something I hope you will not need while exercising, because even though the music escalates it is still pretty evenly measured. Great hit for spicing up your exercise playlist.

Number 3: “Bumpy Ride” by Mohombi

This one starts some advice – do not concentrate on the lyrics. Just go along with the beat. Bumpy Ride is an easy listen for fun unwinding of your routine.

It instantly makes you want to dance and shake from side to side. It is moderate to fast in tempo but it does not carry heavy dynamics, and that makes it the ideal choice for a finisher to a laborious and sweaty workout.

Incidentally all three of these songs feature commendable dance routines by men. In Shakira’s Loca the guy with whom she dances on the beach totally stacks up to her enviable twists. Chica Boom also treats with funky and stylish guy moves that seem so hot they can melt some ice cubes. And the whole gang in Bumpy Ride is so in tune and synchronized that we start to think all guys can dance like that.

Airy summer hits, catchy melodies and memorable lyrics make these three my favorites to spice up and boost my workout routine.