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Three super hit movies that should be remade

Godzilla (1954) – Watching the original Godzilla is like watching the original King Kong, you want to believe everything that is going on in front of you but it is difficult because the technology available to the filmmakers at the time was sub par at best. We have already seen a remake of King Kong in our lifetime which, surprisingly enough, turned out to be a success. Why not Godizilla? I know what some of you are saying. No, I don’t count the American attempt at a remake as a remake. When the United States took a stab at the franchise, they hit a main artery and the film bled out. I think we can try again while staying closer to the message and tone of the original.

1984 (1984) – I personally love the novel for which this film is based on and think there could be a film that I could love equally. While the current adaptation of 1984 is decent enough, it is missing a certain staying power. The frames of the film falter from reel to reel, never truly engaging the audience. It is said that Tim Burton is going to attempt to tackle the subject matter. I have enough to say about Tim Burton to fill up an entire article so I’ll save it for another time. All I have to say is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Yuck.

Jason and the Argonauts (1963) – Stop motion was cool when I was a child but it is hard to stomach as an adult. It’s pretty amazing though that a skeleton fight from 1963 can look pretty similar to a skeleton 1992 with Army of Darkness. Who knows? Maybe now would be a good time to take a stab at it. The story is there and it hasn’t lost its marquee value. Just look at Clash of the Titans. Actually…don’t look at Clash of the Titans.