Three ways to prepare your home for the summer

Three ways to prepare your home for the summer

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting hotter, and people are spending more and more time out in the sunshine. If you’re thinking of some efficient ways of revamping your house and equipping it for the summer, why not check out some of our suggestions?

With summer on the horizon, here are some good ways to prepare for the summer period.

home garden Three ways to prepare your home for the summer

Make the most of your garden

Running out of space in your garden, or don’t want the family pet trampling all over your installations every time they go outside? Why not get creative with some hanging baskets, or use a ladder plant stand to free up the grass for other activities. Another great idea is a fish scale-style fencing design you can add plants onto, which can be both in and outdoors.

Birdhouses and feeders can also be a great idea if you want to attract some wildlife in the summer. Not only is inviting wildlife into your home a good way of being eco-friendly, but it can be fun to sit and watch in the morning or evening.

Don’t forget, your garden or conservatory isn’t the only place that you can spruce up with a summer theme and plants. Property company RW Invest, in their Crosby Gardens and upcoming Sky Gardens residences, feature sophisticated roof gardens with exotic furniture. Not only is this something worth looking into, perhaps as a balcony area for a new place to relax in your home, but it is an attractive option for those with restricted space that are apartment living.

keep cool Three ways to prepare your home for the summer

Keeping cool

While preparing your garden areas is an essential factor, making sure the inside of your house is ready is also not something to ignore, as rooms can often get uncomfortable on a hot summer afternoon. If you have air conditioning, set it on a timer before you head out for work so that you can come straight home to a cool, inviting home. Otherwise, get the ice cubes ready in the freezer and the fans out of the cupboard.

Tip: remember not to leave electronics or glass items lying about on your window ledges, as they can get dangerous if left in direct sunlight.

Late-Spring-Cleaning and maintenance

Most don’t keep as much of an eye on their garden space throughout the winter period, and so it’s probably worth having a look at what needs fixing or replacing before you plan the next family barbeque.

A good place to start would be by getting your garden looking well kept, so you could begin by mowing the lawn and removing unnecessary plants and weeds that have grown over the last few months. Remember to pull weeds out root-and-stem, using any weed killer solution you might have. Otherwise, they will grow back quicker than is necessary and cause you more hassle. If you haven’t got any weed killer to hand, vinegar is also a useful substitute, and will cost less.

For those who want to invest in some new tech to help in efficiently gardening and getting the job done as quick as possible, using a pressure washer to spray down garden tiling and furniture can get things looking brand new.

Tip: Hosting a party and don’t want to get plagued by pesky wasps? Citronella candles are an affordable, discreet insect repellent that should help in keeping unwanted guests to a minimum.