American Idol - Tatiana del Toro

Three worst American Idol contestants – Tatiana del Toro, Jessica Sierra, Antonella Barba

The Drama Queen Idol

Tatiana del Toro (Season 8) is the worthy second runner-up of the worst American Idol in the show’s history. The “Saving All My Love for You” singer has managed to spur hate speech from just about everyone. In her auditions she candidly declared that she desires to be the American Idol “probably more than anyone has wanted anything”. Her singing was the least of her offences when compared to her famous high-pitched hyena laugh, dramatic antics, fake sincerity, and her tantrum throwing. She has the admirable(?) knack to remind people of their ex-girlfriend nightmare and the ruthless sorority girl. The 23-year-old Puerto Rican is surely the precise definition of the drama queen who cries whenever things do not turn out as she expected. But who could not admire her determination to win the American Idol title at whatever cost.

The Fallen Idol

…And the runner up of the worst American Idol in the show’s history is the “fallen” Idol Jessica Sierra (Season 4) who was arrested a couple of times after the show’s season ended. The Idol finalist was charged with assault when she hit a man on the head with a glass as well as cocaine possession. She reportedly resisted arrest and offered the arresting officers sexual favours in her attempt to get out of arrest. Her next career move was to check into the Celebrity Rehab show to take control of her life and her addictions. The “Total Eclipse of the Heart Singer” can now be appreciated for her manifold talents including her nude picture that populates the Internet and her porno sex tape. The resourcefulness of some American Idol contestants is impressive indeed.

The Infamous Idol

Antonella Barba (Season 6) did not win the title of American Idol but Barba is sure worthy of the worst American Idol in the show’s history. Although not famous for her singing Barba has become infamous for her topless pictures that were soon circulated on the Internet when she appeared on live television. To further exacerbate Barba’s fame a sex video of Barba soon surfaced on the Internet. In spite that the authenticity of this video is still in question it did not help in Barba’s redemption. Barba has surely set an example for future reality television contestants to ensure that they destroy compromising evidence before appearing on live television. Nevertheless, Barba’s career is not necessarily over since initiations to star in a Girls Gone Wild video and a possibility for a Playboy spread came her way soon after the scandal.