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What Is Tinder Select. How The Dating App Works

Dating has been revolutionized in past few decades with the advancement of Internet. People hardly had to hit at bars for the purpose. People stopped getting rejected face-to-face. Just a selfie taken at perfect angle and a virtual profile is needed to hangup with other person. However, Tinder app has come up with something unique.

New feature of the popular dating app is dubbed as Swipes. If a person is looking for someone and ask him or her on Tinder, the tool swipe through many selfies on the screen.

It sounds good, but not easy to access. The app apparently offers a secretive. It is an invite-only tier and that is just exclusive to super models, CEOs and other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types.

Tinder app is made available on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems and facilitates communication only between mutually interested users. Also, chatting on the platform is only facilitated between two users.

One need to swipe though photos of other users and try his or her profile to match with them.

A data in 2014 revealed the app was registering about one billion swipes a day and producing 12 million matches per day in an average.

The newly introduced Tinder Select segment is a members-only version for the upwardly affluent types of peole like celebrities and CEOs. For past six months the app has been inviting select people and offering them ability to nominate others to join. To make the feature not to spread uncontrollably, Tinder bars the nominees to nominate others. However, it is not yet known how Tinder decides who should get invites.