Vintage Rattan Chairs

Tips On Buying, Restoring Vintage Rattan Chairs

Vintage rattan chairs became popular shortly after the Second World War when soldiers returning from war brought back items in remembrance from the pacific islands in the south. Rattan chairs were referred to as either Hawaiian, Polynesian or Tropical deco. This type of rattan furniture was extremely durable and strong.

Today, one can still obtain the original rattan chairs as well as good replicas from market or online sellers. Those come with the touch of Asian element.

Vintage rattan chairs fit in with contemporary interior décor well although one can also incorporate those with other décor settings. If you are buying the original editions from first owners, you need to recover the cushions as well as clean up the chair to its original state so that the rattan chairs will look good for years to come. The first thing you need to check for is any breaks or splits in the wicker.

In order to keep the vintage wicker chairs stay vibrant the flexible wood needs to maintain a certain amount of moisture. If the wicker dries out completely the chair will start to crack and break down quickly. Check to make surely wile buying and know whether those are worth restoring. When you are restoring a vintage rattan chair you need to remove all the surface dirt by using a soft dry cloth. In order to remove embedded dirt you need to use a soft toothbrush.

If you have purchased vintage wicker chairs that have already been painted and the paint is peeling, you need to sand the chairs lightly and repaint the chairs. Once you have cleaned all the dirt off as well as lightly sanded the old paint work wash the chairs with a mild solution of soap and water. When the wicker is completely dry, you can re-varnish or paint those to restore to their original look.