Tips for Selling your Old Jewellery Online

Tips for Selling your Old Jewellery Online

During 2019, the price of gold has skyrocketed, and while this might make buying jewellery a little more expensive, it does open a perfect window of opportunity to sell any unwanted jewellery you have lying around.

Old broken chains, earring butterflies, and even gold teeth are accepted as scrap gold and can earn you a bit of money on gold buying websites. However, if you want to make the most of the gold market, selling your unwanted jewellery is the best way to go about it.

Follow these helpful tips to sell your old jewellery quickly and efficiently.

Make it shine Tips for Selling your Old Jewellery Online
  • Make it shine

Old jewellery that has been sitting in a box at the back of your closet for some time will have become tarnished and dirty-looking. When you sell your jewellery, you want to make it look as good as possible, so invest in a little jewellery polish to really bring its shine back. Top tip: using a soft bristled toothbrush really helps to get into all the grooves and makes sure that every part of your jewellery is sparkling.

Make do and mend Tips for Selling your Old Jewellery Online
  • Make do and mend

If you are selling broken jewellery, it can really drive the price down. Simple things like replacing a jump ring on a necklace chain is something you can mend yourself at home. For more complex repairs that might require the use of professional equipment, check with your local jeweller and see if they can help you out.

find your angle Tips for Selling your Old Jewellery Online
  • Find your angle

When selling anything online, it is important to have good quality photos to really drive the sale. This is no different when it comes to jewellery. Keep in mind that once you shine your jewellery to its sparkling best, it becomes a very reflective surface and no one wants to see your nose reflected back at them when they are inspecting the bezel of a ring they want to purchase. Make sure to have well lit, clear photos. Include some close ups of the product but make sure to showcase the piece as a whole as well.

  • Know your market

Are you going to sell at an auction? Take it to a jeweller? Or sell it online? Online sales are the quickest of the lot and require the least amount of travel. Online jewellers such as have made it so simple to sell your jewellery, just fill in one form and then you’re done.

  • Do your research

It always best to include as much relevant information as possible when selling jewellery.  Knowing what type of metal it is made from and what cut the stones are, can get you the best price for the piece or pieces. Make sure your check the hallmarks on the jewellery to find out where your jewellery was made and who it was made by. Knowing the weight of the piece is also important as it helps buyers assess the quality of the jewellery as well.