fashion show

Tips How to Plan a Fashion Show

An early dress rehearsal should be scheduled right after hiring models to appear in a fashion show. This helps to determine if these models will be able to fit the fashion items that are to be worn. Clothing can be reassigned to a different model or swapped for another size. In some cases, there may only be one size of a particular fashion piece available. The hired models will either have to improvise or be replaced with someone who can fit the piece of clothing.

Advance Rehearsals are Key to an Organized Fashion Show

All staff members should be required to participate in a fashion show rehearsal prior to the main event. This helps models, staff and the event organizer fix any discrepancies in advance to ensure a smooth running production. These events can be titled as a technical rehearsal depending on the needs of organizers.

Type Descriptions for All Fashion items on Display

The fashion show host or MC should not have to guess what is listed on his or her description cards. This can cause a lot of confusion among guests during fashion show fundraisers and lower staff morale. The descriptions for fashion items on the runway should be typed, not handwritten.

Set a Clear End Goal for the Fashion Show

Men and women who are planning a fashion show must have a clear idea of what should be accomplished. If retail sales are the end goal, plan accordingly to make sure salespeople are available to close deals or perform sales transactions with guests.