Tips to learn spiritual dance meditation

Dancing is a great way to let off steam and hone in on one’s creative side. Pairing it with meditation provides an opportunity to reduce stress, while reaching a deeper state of consciousness.

It has long been associated with religious rituals all over the world. Dance is incorporated into voodoo ceremonies and Native Americans use dance during pow-wows, to name a couple of examples. However, meditative dance does not have to be associated with any religious denomination. It’s all about feeling the music and allowing the body to naturally move to the sound.

Choosing Music for Dance Meditation

First, decide what type of dance meditation is desired. If looking for something calm and relaxing, choose some type of melodic, instrumental music. This could be in the form of an acoustical guitar or flute CD. If looking to do more trance-like dancing, it’s best to pick something with a repetitive beat like a CD with drum music.

Dance Meditation for Relaxation

Find a place to move about freely without bumping into anything. Be sure to have on comfortable clothing. If possible, go barefoot. Turn on some soothing meditative music and close your eyes. At first, just breath calmly and focus on the music.

When ready, allow the body to move as desired. Don’t try to force anything. It could be as subtle as gentle swaying. Just let the body flow with the music while allowing all tension and stress to leave the body. If a desire to twirl comes into play, go ahead and twirl. Just enjoy how light and carefree the music makes the body feel.

Continue to let all of stress make its way out of your body. Once it feels like all the tension is gone, continue moving to the music while envisioning a bright, pure white light surrounding your body. This light is bringing in positive energy to rejuvenate both the mind and the body. Bask in this light as long as desired, then stop dancing and take a minute or two to just listen to the music. When ready, end the meditation.