kids rock concerts

Tips to take children to rock concerts

It’s wonderful and important to expose children to music at an early age. And to expose them to all genres of music – folk, jazz, blues, reggae, classical, country, punk and rock. A lot of kids get really into the music, and will be dancing more than the adults. But there are a few things to keep in mind when taking children to concerts.

Avoiding Ear Damage

Be aware of how loud the venue is. Often children will be at a concert where many of the adults are wearing ear plugs. If the music is too loud, it could damage the child’s ears. If your kid later wants to attend loud shows and damage his or her ears, that his or her choice.

But when the children are young, it’s the parents’ responsibility to see that no such damage occurs. Instead of having the children running up to the front of the venue, where the speakers are, perhaps hang toward the back. While a parent may want to be up front, he or she has to think of the child’s safety and health. That should still be a primary concern. Also, there are ear plugs that are designed specifically for children. Just be sure that those are safe. Perhaps check with the family doctor.

Be Ready To Leave Early

Be prepared to leave the show early. Parents have to be willing to leave a concert early if their child begins putting up a fuss. While a child can be the center of a parent’s world, the people around him or her at the concert may very well not feel the same way about the child. Don’t ruin anyone else’s experience at the concert. No one wants to hear a whining child at a concert. If your child begins crying, take him or her outside immediately.

Also, talk to the door man at the venue. Often there will be a sign saying “No Ins And Outs.” But for a parent with a child, they’ll most likely make an exception. Just make sure that you’ll be able to get back in if need be.

Check With The Venue

Some bars and clubs allow young children in; some don’t. Check with the venues ahead of time. Generally it seems that if a concert starts in the afternoon or very early evening, the venue will allow parents to take in young children. What is unclear, however, is what the cut-off age is. Obviously these places are 21-and-over places. So someone who is 5 is allowed to enter with his parents, but someone who is 15 isn’t. There probably isn’t a rule for this, so check with the venue.

Family Shows

Some musicians now have family shows. For these, of course, it’s generally more acceptable for a child to make noise. It’s even encouraged by some musicians. Some venues even re-arrange their seating configuration so that there is a big area for the children to run around and dance in. Also, many of the family shows are earlier in the day, and actually less expensive. They are usually shorter too, often around 45 minutes to an hour.