Tom Hardy finds it hard to leave Bane behind him

The actor said playing the Batman villain was something he couldn’t easily snap out of. 

It seems that Tom Hardy has been struggling to keep his Dark Knight Rises character Bane on screen and out of his real life.

The actor revealed that playing the villain of Chris Nolan’s final Batman movie has meant fiancée Charlotte Riley has been forced to handle a lot from him as he found it hard to leave the character behind.

“Some characters are nicer to have at home than others, Charlotte says. It’s hard to shake it all out. There’s a decompression period back to civilian and family life. I’ve only just realised that, actually.

“We’ve had six months with nothing to do but prep for the next project and be at home and be a family, and I realised how deeply affected I can be by a character, and how much work it takes to just be at home and be present.”

The Dark Knight Rises was released on July 20th worldwide.

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