The Beatles

Top 10 songs by The Beatles that kids always love to listen

The music of the Beatles permeates through many generations, and the songs are timeless. The lyrics and melodies differ widely from song to song; some are upbeat tunes, some are melancholy ballads, and some have a hard rock edge. For those wanting to introduce their children to The Beatles’ music, here are ten songs, in chronological order, that are child-friendly and are sure to get the dance party going.

1. Love Me Do

Words and music by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, first released in 1962. This song was one from The Beatles first album, and is in the style of early Beatles music. With a catchy, upbeat tune and easy lyrics to learn, kids will love singing and dancing along.

2. All My Lovin

Words and music by McCartney and Lennon, first released in 1962. Also a love song in the early style, a great dance song.

‘3. Eight Days a Week

Words and music by McCartney and Lennon, released in 1964. Another song about lovin’, with lyrics that will make kids think a little. How many days are in a week…?

4. Twist and Shout

Words and music by Burt Russell and Phil Medley, released by The Beatles in 1964. First written for The Isley Brothers, this song was re-made by The Beatles with a raspy John Lennon on lead vocals. Further immortalized by Matthew Broderick in, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a classic “twist” dance tune.

5. Yellow Submarine

Words and music by McCartney and Lennon, released in 1966. A clever tune, kids love the idea of living under the sea with all of their friends in a yellow submarine.

6. Good Day Sunshine

Words and music by McCartney and Lennon, released in 1966. A feel-good song with a sunny theme running throughout. Great for lifting spirits on a rainy day.

7. Birthday

Words and music by McCartney and Lennon, released in 1968. Get the kids rockin’ with this classic birthday song, sure to fire up a birthday party.

8. Octopus’s Garden

Words and music by Richard Starkey, otherwise known as Ringo Starr, released in 1969. One of the few songs written and performed by Ringo, this song is captivating for kids as it describes being, “under the sea in an octopus’ garden in the shade.” (The Beatles Complete, p. 334-35)

9. Here Comes the Sun

Words and music by George Harrison, released in 1969. Another feel-good song about the sun coming out after the rain. Play this one to pull a child out of a sour mood or perhaps after she has successfully completed a time-out.

10. Let it Be

Words and music by McCartney and Lennon, released in 1970. A comforting ballad sung by Paul McCartney, great for creating an easy feeling or for listening to before bedtime.