The Top 3 Must Have Songs On Your Playlist From Emerging New Artists

The world of mainstream music is becoming overrated in case you all haven’t noticed. The indie scene is now the new mainstream. And in case you don’t know as well, most mainstream popstars and rockstars now started doing things independently, case in point- Taylor Swift. It’s given that you have heard (probably even more than a thousand times now) the songs of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Rihanna but what we would like you to listen to music that are from artists that will literally blow your mind. Guys c’mon, mainstream is so becoming old school. With the online culture reigning on the clouds, the indie scene is now your new mainstream! And as early as now, we would like to say “you’re welcome!”

1. Finding You by Pablo Nouvelle featuring Lulu James: This song is going to get you hooked from the hypnotic to that raw and amazing vocals. If you are in the car and in it for a long drive, it’s best to pop this in your stereo and soon enough you’ll find yourself floating. The production is so neat! Pablo Nouvelle is from Switerland whilst Lulu James is from the UK.

2. Love Iz Strange by Jack Frost produced by Divine Drummah: Now if you want some hip-hop in your playlist, this should be your jam! The melody and the beat is just flawlessly jiving. You should download this if you still don’t own it.

3. Tralala by Kiah Victoria: We love discovering real talent and this girl is pretty much perfect for it. Kiah Victoria is from New York and she already has opened for John Legend and even was reported to have sung for hip hop tycoon- Jay- Z! How’s that for an emerging artist! I’d follow this girl as early as now if we were you!

These are just the Top 3 we have on our review for this week. More to come from your favorite showbiz online gossip- Emag!


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