cancer fighting herbs

Top 5 Cancer Fighting Herbs In Backyard

Our mother nature is a miracle wonderland, as it grows many useful types of plants and herbs during the hot summer!

Although we are normally consuming different kind of herbs in our daily life, but we didn’t know that most of the garden herbs have a very high nutrition, especially they’re the good resource to fight against the happening of cancer.

Have a closer look on these ordinary garden herbs, as they’re simply marvelous!


It contains apigenine, which is the natural resource to prevent angiogenesis (The growth of blood vessels that supply cancerous tumors). The apigenine inside parsley are able to cut off the blood supply to a tumor. It claimed to have the same function as cancer prescription drug, Avastin.


It riches with terpenes, one of the main substances to stop the cancer cells in tumor from continuously reproduce. The researchers also discovered that the terpene could inhibit the growth rate of cancerous cell


The oncologist has used it as the anti-cancer prescription, as it contains with thymol, which is have the similar function as terpenes did.

Furthermore, it’s also a very ideal antiseptic, antibacterial and even a great mouthwash too!


There’s a phytochemical substance in mint, where is effective to cut off the blood supply to cancer tumors.


A substance named, Monoterpenes can be found in dill. It’s a very strong natural substance, which is having the ability to protect the user from various types of cancers.

So, next time when you are cooking spaghetti, remember to put this garden herb into it. Remember, Have the garden herbs everyday can keeps the cancer away!